Posted by: bahareiran | March 24, 2011

Jailed father of Ashraf resident on verge of death after being denied cancer treatment for months

According to reports, jailed Tehran Bazaar Merchant Mohsen Dokmeh Chi is in very critical condition and cannot move and is barely able to speak.

Mohsen Dokmechi, political prisoner

On Wednesday March 16, his wife and child were able to visit him for 10 minutes on his fifth day in the hospital. His is unable to walk and can barely speak. In addition to pancreas cancer which has extended to his liver, he is also suffering from stomach infection. He has not been able to eat for close to two weeks and is suffering from severe weakness and has unbearable pain. He has lost half of his original weight during his illness.

He has also been taken to a separate room in the hospital despite his objection and that of his family and doctor. Four agents watch over him on a 24 hour bases. All of his communications with the outside world has to go through the agents and this room has turned into a solitary cell for him. It is still not clear why he was taken to a separate room but this has extremely worried his family.

His doctor has announced that because he was taken to the hospital too late and because he did not receive timely treatment, chemotherapy and other treatment will no longer be effective for him and that they have reached a dead end in his treatment. The specialist doctor has told his family that only a miracle might save his life. In a written report to Tehran Prosecutor Abbas Jafari Dolat Abadi, this doctor has stressed that because of Mr. Dokmeh Chi’s critical condition, he needs special attention and that his family has to be by his side at all times to take care of him.

On Thursday March 17, when his family went to talk to the Prosecutor, they were told that they were not allowed to be by his side. Mr. Dokmeh Chi cannot do his personal things on his own and needs his family’s aid and special care.

Since his transfer to the hospital, his mother and sister have not been allowed to visit him. Intelligence agents and the Tehran Prosecutor have prevented his treatment from six months ago which led to a point of no return in terms of his physical health. In the past few weeks, he was transferred to Hall 12 in Gohardasht Prison (Rajayi Shahr) in Karaj where he was kept in complete isolation without being given any treatment. He was even denied sedatives for his pain and his cellmates went on a hunger strike demanding that he be taken for treatment. Intelligence agents and the Tehran Prosecutor deliberately refused to give him a medical leave despite the persistence of doctors. (Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran – Mar. 18, 2011)

Narges Dokmechi, daughter of Mohsen Dokmechi

(Note: Mohsen Dokmeh Chi is the father of a young woman in Camp Ashraf in Iraq)


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