Posted by: bahareiran | March 17, 2011

Massacre of defenseless prisoners in Qezelhessar Prison

Iranian Resistance urges dispatch of a UN investigative delegation to probe this massacre and the catastrophic conditions in Iranian regime’s prisons

Reuters March 16: Fourteen prisoners were killed and 33 injured in an incident at an Iranian jail Wednesday, that state TV said was a brawl among inmates but which one news agency said was a foiled escape attempt.

NCRI, 16 March 2011 – The Iranian Resistance described opening fire by clerical regime’s henchmen on defenseless prisoners in Qezelhessar prison which resulted in many prisoners killed and injured as an unprecedented and horrific crime and a dark page in the dossier of the religious fascism ruling Iran that is filled with atrocities. The Iranian Resistance called on the international community, especially the United Nations, to strongly condemn this crime. It calls on the UN Secretary General to task a delegation to investigate this great atrocity and the conditions of prisons in Iran, especially that of political prisoners.

Opening fire on prisoners on the eve of the Fire Festival and concurrent with the nationwide uprising of the Iranian people against this regime depicts the unimaginable barbarism of a medieval regime incapable in confronting the uprisings that resorts to these barbaric acts to prevent spread of social upheavals. Iranian people will not tolerate these atrocities and will rise up to topple this regime with even greater resolve.

On Tuesday night, March 15, Iranian regime’s suppressive forces opened direct fire on defenseless prisoners in Qezelhessar prison killing and injuring scores. Some of the injured are in critical condition. A number of the injured lost their lives on the way to hospital due to the severity of their wounds.


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