Posted by: bahareiran | March 7, 2011

Street protestor reveals details of torture and abuse while in detention

According to reports, a protester who was arrested during the March 1 protests and was detained by the Revolutionary Guards Corps for close to 24 hours said, “I was arrested in Valiasr Street along with a large group of people and was taken to a detention center in the Ahang Highway which is affiliated with the RGC and as far I know it is located in the Ahang Highway. I was beaten and abused from the very beginning of my arrest…

“These people completely stripped me after beating me and using profane language to insult me”, the protester who was arrested by RGC plainclothes agents said.

“They did this to me up to three times in the course of 24 hours. One time when they had stripped me, the agents started saying very profane things in my ear. ‘You think that Kahrizak (Detention Center) was a lie? You shouldn’t think that Kahrizak was a lie. We will do the same thing (done to Kahrizak detainees) to you so that you behave’, he told me. They used very bad language which I cannot repeat”.

“After 24 hours of detention, torture and physical and mental abuse, they left me in Abbas Abad Street after they took my picture and made me sign a pledge”, he said. (Jaras Website – Mar. 6, 2011)


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