Posted by: bahareiran | March 7, 2011

Iran continues its harassment and persecution of Dervishes in Iran

On Saturday, 10 Gonabadi Dervishes were tried en masse in Borujerd. One of the lawyers of the Dervishes said after the trial that a new date was announced to see to the other charges of Dervishes in the future. At the same time, 189 other Dervishes were been summoned to court…

Before this, the representatives of the Dervishes had announced that 189 Dervishes were group trialed, a charge which was denied by the Borujerd Judiciary.

The Borujerd Judiciary said on March 5 that the Dervishes were charged with ‘disrupting public order’, ‘spreading propaganda against the government’ and ‘insulting’. (Human Rights Activists in Iran – Mar. 6, 2011)


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