Posted by: bahareiran | March 2, 2011

Political prisoner kept in solitary cell despite 5 bullet wounds

Ali Afshar, a political prisoner detained in the Central Orumieh Prison is being kept in a solitary cell despite being completely paralyzed in both hands and in critical condition and is in danger of death.

According to reports, Ali Afshar was arrested about three months ago by security forces near Bukan and Mahabad.

Security forces opened direct fire on him upon his arrest wounding him in five places. After receiving a quick first aid, he was taken to the Orumieh Intelligence Agency.

He has been sentenced to ‘enmity with God’ and being ‘corrupt on earth’ on charges of cooperating with a Kurd party.

Despite his critical condition, he was thrown in a solitary cell in the Central Orumieh Prison from more than 40 days ago.

This solitary cell lacks warming facilities even though winter temperatures in Orumieh sometimes go as low as 10 degrees below zero. (Human Rights Activists in Iran – Feb. 27, 2011)


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