Posted by: bahareiran | February 25, 2011

The big difference between Iran and other countries…hanging

In these days of demonstrations in Arabic countries like Tunesia, Egypt, Libia, Iraq and Yemen, people ask themselves, (or me): ‘So why not Iran, why are the Iranians not able to overthrow their hated regime? The answer lies in the system of repression. In the month of January, 99 people have been hanged and this situation continues.

Anyway, this murderous regime will have an end sooner or later, and everybody knows…

Three hanged in public square in Salmas, Iran

24 February 2011– Three people were brutally hanged on Sunday by the Iranian regime in public in the town of Salmas (northwestern Iran), according to Hrana news agency.

The report identified the deceased as Moslem Isapour, a Kurd (son of “Haj Mohammad” from Masteka village), Ardalan Hatami, a Kurd (son of “Khalil” from Qasr-e Yek village) and Peyman Qane, an Azeri from Taze Shahr.

They were all hanged at the town square. Prior to their execution, they were imprisoned in Salmas prison.

People and passersby watching the scene reacted angrily against the regime, according to these reports, chanting, “death to the dictator.” Security forces had to intervene to disperse the crowds.


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