Posted by: bahareiran | February 25, 2011

Iraqi Officials Deny Hijab To Be Mandatory At Universities

February 18, 2011 – BAGHDAD — Female students at Baghdad University are complaining that attempts are being made by college administrations to introduce the hijab as part of a compulsory uniform, RFI reports.

Rawa Said, a college of education student, told RFI that she has been told by college administrators to wear a head scarf with her college uniform. Saeed said administrators gave her a stern warning that she will be barred entry to the campus if she does not comply.

Nasrin Abdel Hamid, a female engineering student, told RFI that making the head scarf compulsory is a flagrant infringement on personal freedom as guaranteed by the Iraqi Constitution.

She said the practice is reminiscent of the days when Islamist militias used to commit similar outrages on campuses.  Hamid vowed that as long as she dresses modestly she will resist wearing the head scarf if doing so becomes obligatory.

Women rights activist Shatha Naji told RFI that an end must be put to such violations of public and personal liberties. She said extremist Islamic groups are behind the move to force students to wear the hijab and are using student unions and administrative employees to promote their “outdated notions.”


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