Posted by: bahareiran | February 24, 2011

Shiraz University student killed by security forces after being thrown off bridge during peaceful demos

Hamed Nourmohammadi

During the unrest yesterday in Shiraz, a Shiraz University student identified as Hamed Nour-mohammadi was killed by security forces.

According to reports, Hamed Nour-mohammadi majored in biology at Shiraz University and lived in the Dastgheib dormitory. He was from Khoram Abad and was killed in the Namazi Square outside of building number 1 in the School of Engineering while trying to escape from security and Bassij forces.

According to eyewitnesses, Hamed was thrown off the bridge between the Student Square and Namazi Square and passed away after crashing into the cars on Saheli Street.

This is while there are reports that strict security measures have been carried out in Shiraz University. A number of student activists in this university have been banned from entering university and dormitory grounds and in some instances their families have been called and threatened. (Daneshju News _ Feb. 21, 2011)


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