Posted by: bahareiran | February 17, 2011

Upon the orders of Iraq’s Prime Ministry, entry of medicine into Ashraf is prevented

NCRI, 9 February – In yet another suppressive and inhumane move, Omar Khalid, Iraqi director of Ashraf hospital, on the orders of the Ashraf Suppression Committee, has prevented since three weeks ago the delivery of medicines purchased by Ashraf residents. As a routine, the medicines used to be purchased once Omar Khalid agreed to and were delivered to the patients by him. Many patients are in urgent need of these purchased medicines.

On the other hand, yesterday, Tuesday February 8, the Iraqi forces, under the order of Ashraf Suppression Committee, arrested an Iraqi driver ,  at Ashraf’s entrance , who was delivering the purchased medicines to Ashraf as he did every week. It is two years that Ashraf hospital has been placed under Iraqi management, and since, the medicines has been delivered to Ashraf through Omar Khalid by the same driver. The lists of medicines were always approved by the hospital director prior to purchase.

Ashraf hospital was built at PMOI’s expense and was handed over to the Diyala Health Department along with all its equipment. Nevertheless, over the past two years, more than 90% of the medicines needed by the residents have been purchased by the residents and at their own expense.

Also on Tuesday February 8, the Iraqi forces prevented entry of water pipes, joints, faucets, filters, water pumps, fuel, generator oil, electric plugs, light bulbs and sockets. This is while after two years of an inhumane siege, service infrastructures of Ashraf have severely  been destroyed and many of them are out of order and need to be urgenty replaced.

Iranian Resistance draws the attention of UN Secretary General’s special representative for Iraq, the U.S. Ambassador to Iraq and the Commander of US forces in Iraq, as well as all human rights advocates to these hostile and inhumane measures and asks for immediate intervention to end the tyrannical siege of Ashraf.


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