Posted by: bahareiran | February 12, 2011

Mother of six jailed for giving interviews to foreign media

Fatemeh Khoramju, a 53 year old mother of six was arrested in the middle of the night on January 7, 2010 and despite having a handicapped child, is still detained until today.

She worked as a bus driver after her husband’s death to provide for her children. Khoramju was arrested by 8 male security agents and one female security agent who introduced themselves as agents of the Anti-Narcotics Organization but her main charge later changed to giving interviews to foreign TV stations and she was detained in Evin Prison.

Her greatest concern is her handicapped child who she says sometimes becomes intolerable for the other children.

Khoramju did not accept any of the charges in her interrogations. After some time she was transferred to the public cellblock from cellblock 209 and in August 2010, she was tried in the 15th branch of the Revolutionary Court by Judge Salavati. She was reportedly threatened by Salavati in this trial that if she did not cooperate, her children would be arrested. Three months later, she was sentenced to 5 years of prison which was confirmed by a court of review as well.

She has been detained in Evin Prison for about a year and was transferred to the Methadone Cellblock a few months ago along with other female political prisoners. (Shahrzad News – Feb. 8, 2011)


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