Posted by: bahareiran | February 12, 2011

Iran: innocent minor on death row

Gholamhossein Reiesi, a lawyer and human rights activist who lives in Shiraz has said that minor prisoner Ashkan Miri was sentenced to death.

According to reports, this 14 year old boy who was sentenced to death, was trying to help a person who had fallen off his motorcycle on December 2009. The friends of the person who had fallen off the motorcycle come to the scene and clash with him thinking he was the one who caused the other boy to fall off his bike. The murdered boy comes to the scene in the middle of the clashes and without being informed of the situation, hits Ashkan in the neck and back with a chain.

 (The assailer’s) friends do not let Ashkan run away from the scene. Ashkan brings out a knife he was carrying and strikes the boy (with the chain) and falls to the ground with him. He suddenly realizes that his knife is bloody and that it has pierced the other boy’s body. Ashkan runs away from the scene and the boy dies in the hospital.

 Thinking that Ashkan is a minor and that announcing this issue to the Judiciary will not have any danger for his son, his father turns him in to the police…

Ashkan was kept in prison for ten days and after that he was checked by the Medical Examiner who announced that he has signs of sexual puberty but that he has not mentally matured. Despite this, a bill of indictment was issued for him for intentional murder and his case was sent to the Shiraz Province Penal Court. (Human Rights Activists in Iran – Feb. 4, 2011)


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