Posted by: bahareiran | February 5, 2011

Last interview with Zahra Bahrami before her execution

Last interview with Zahra Bahrami before her execution (click here)

Zahra Bahrami (Mrs. Kordieh): Greetings to you and to all freedom fighters across Iran. I apologize for my coarse voice. As you heard in the news on the day of Ashoura, I lay my shouts of rage on them [regime security agents] and I lost my voice. It’s not a problem. I am willing to sacrifice my life for Iran. Now I want to talk to the “doctor” (previous caller) who called in from Germany. Mr. Doctor! You are asking us not to use violence. You are not here and you don’t know what they did to us on Ashoura. You weren’t here when they ran over three youngsters with the security trucks right in front of my eyes, and you don’t know how I felt at that moment. At that moment I was talking to this radio station and I screamed: they ran them over! They just killed three young people! Their bodies went cold right in front of our eyes!

Sir, doctor! You are living in Germany! Where are you? You are not here to see how they hit people! You never saw how they sliced a kid’s fingers with a slice and the fingers ended up in the gutters! And blood gushed out in front of my eyes! And you expect me to stand around and watch? Do you expect me to run away? For those asking, yes this is the voice of Kordieh Banoo…and I will speak up until this evil regime leaves us alone and is toppled. They will not be able to shut me up again. Mr. Doctor, sitting in Germany, do not give advice to us. Go do your physicians work. Go make money for your family. We are swimming in blood here. We are here watching the sliced fingers of a kid in the gutters. We are watching three youngsters whose bodies went cold crushed under security trucks. They ran them over like they were bags of cement! What are you saying? Who are you talking to? This is not Holland or Germany here! This is not Los Angeles either! No this is Tehran! The city of blood! Today a bus load of security agents poured into the university and attacked the students and broke their heads. They beat them up badly. They hit them over the head with bricks and rocks. These are the dirty Basiji bastards!

Who do you think you are talking about? Today they severely beat up the students in the university. They dragged their bodies out of the university! If you are looking for Ashoura, religious martyr’s day, it was today! The martyrs were our kids at the university. Never again will we sit quietly and watch them beat us. We are not going to be beat into submission anymore.

We are not going to sit idle to watch them bury people like Sohrab and Neda while we sit around eating our dinner and prevent our kids from going outside! No! We will be on the frontlines from now. Yes we will get beaten but we will beat them up too. Yes from now on we will beat them too. I was one of the ones on the day of Ashoura standing in frontlines yelling at people to attack! Do not run away!

Why are you running way? I was yelling at them! What are you running away from? I was the one who stomped on one of the motorcycle of the Special Forces. And I was beaten as a result. I am proud of every bruise on my body. I am proud of my legs and arms that are now blue/ black. I am proud of my torn up vocal chords because chants of freedom came out of this throat! Please do not tell us to sit back. We won’t!

Do not tell us to be silent! We won’t be! Do not tell us not to beat them! We will! We will raise hell and tear them apart! From now on we will attack everything and anything that belongs to this regime! Everything! This is not like the past anymore! You, Mr. Doctor or engineer enjoying your life in Europe and the USA! We are standing tall here. We will support this radio station and will not be silent anymore!

We will lay our rage on this regime from now on! I want to thank the host here who did not leave us alone for a moment. We will see you again in the streets of Tehran.

Yesterday I was at the cemetery even though I had not slept for two days! We were awaiting the body of Mousavi’s brother-in-law who was murdered. The cowards did not even show up with the body. They are scared of us. They do not want more protests like Ashoura!


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