Posted by: bahareiran | February 2, 2011

Life of 3 jailed PMOI supporters in danger

Dokmech Chi

The life of three political prisoners who have been charged with supporting and having links to a political organization is in serious danger.

According to reports, Mr. Mohsen Dokmeh Chi who is suffering from cancer, Shir-Mohammad Rezayi, who is suffering from a severe digestive condition and Mashallah Haeri who is suffering from a heart condition are the three political prisoners in cellblock 4 in Rajayi Shahr (Gohardasht) Prison in Karaj whose lives are in danger.

Mr. Mohsen Dokmeh Chi is a Bazaar merchant who was jailed on charges of giving financial aid to the families of political prisoners linked to the PMOI and has to be treated in an equipped hospital for his pancreas cancer.

He was a former political prisoner in the 80’s and reportedly got cancer because of prolonged hunger strikes while jailed in the 80’s. He has been sentenced to 10 years of prison by the Revolutionary Court.

Shir-Mohammad Rezayi who was also a political prisoner in the 70’s and 80’s is suffering from a digestive problem and is unable to tolerate prison condition. He is in need of an urgent operation. Rezayi has had two surgeries so far for his condition before his detention but his treatment was ceased after his arrest.


Mashallah Haeri, another prisoner jailed in this cellblock, is suffering from a serious heart problem and has to receive an open heart surgery which has been prevented by prison officials and the Ministry of Intelligence.

Intelligence agents broke his leg upon his arrest and he now uses crutches to walk.

Political prisoners in Rajayi Shahr Prison are held in quarantine like conditions in cellblock 4. (Human Rights Activists in Iran – Jan. 31, 2011)


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