Posted by: bahareiran | January 28, 2011

Mourning Mother in critical condition in prison denied medical leave and banned from family visits

Hakimeh Shokri

The condition of Hakimeh Shokri, a member of the Mourning Mothers in Evin Prison is critical and yet she is denied a medical leave and even a visit with her family.

According to reports, in a phone call with her family, Shokri said that she was in poor physical health and that she had been taken to the prison infirmary several times because of her condition.

She also said that her cell was very cold and that this had deteriorated her health.

On the other hand, her family was told that she was banned from family visits after they went to prison on Thursday January 18 to see her…

Hakimeh Shokri went to Behesht Zahra Cemetery on December 5, 2010 along with a number of other Laleh Park Mothers (Mourning Mothers) to commemorate the birthday of slain protester Amir Arshad Tajmir who was killed in the Ashura protests, and was arrested at the end of the ceremony while leaving the cemetery…

One month after her arrest, her family said after a visit with her that torture signs were evident on her face and her hands were severely shaking. (Jaras website – Jan. 25, 2011)


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