Posted by: bahareiran | January 21, 2011

Paralyzed political prisoner taken to court on fabricated charges

According to reports, political prisoner Homayoun Abedi Bakhoda was trialed again for the fabricated charge of not turning himself in to the prison on time after he was given a medical leave.

On Wednesday January 12, this paralyzed political prisoner was taken to the 4th branch of the Revolutionary Court from Rasht Prison. His hands were tied to his wheelchair and he was taken to the second floor of the court via the stairs…

He was trialed for not turning himself in on time to the prison and a new case was filed against him. This is while he received a medical leave with the consent of the prison medic, legal doctor and the court and was hospitalized with the expenses of his family. His treatment was stopped and he was returned to prison despite the doctors’ insistence and recommendations that his treatment had to continue.

Doctors have also stressed that his urinary sack has to be changed every 4 hours but after 15 days, the sack has still not been changed and this can have dangerous consequences for this political prisoner

This 50 year old political prisoner is suffering from spastic paralysis and a neurogenic bladder. He was in a critical condition because of his paralysis and several other problems and was kept in inhumane conditions in the infirmary along with newly arrested drug addicts. In addition, the appalling sanitary, and food conditions and lack of medical treatment made his condition more critical.

Abedi was sentenced to two years of prison in a separate case in the second branch of the Revolutionary Court. He was also under severe torture in the 80’s in Evin and Qezelhesar prisons on charges of supporting the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI). He was shot in the back upon his arrest in the 80’s and became paralyzed.

His brother Hormoz Abed Bakhoda was executed in the 80’s for supporting the PMOI. (Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran – Jan. 19, 2011)


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