Posted by: bahareiran | January 21, 2011

Female minor offender on verge of execution

During a speedy trial, a 16 year old student was convicted of murder and sentenced to death. Her death sentence was upheld by the Supreme Court.

Fatemeh Salbehi, born in 1992 was charged and convicted of killing her husband.

Fatemeh was engaged to Hamed Sadeqi in 2007 when she was 16 years old and when Hamed was about 30 years old.

In June 2008, Hamed Sadeqi’s body was found in his residence. On that day, Fatemeh was at high school to study for an exam. Since Hamed’s body was found in his home, his wife was arrested and jailed for his murder.

In the initial interrogation, which is carried out without the presence of a lawyer as is usual in Iran, Fatemeh made contradictory statements. She confessed to murder, simultaneously saying that two people entered her home and murdered her husband. 

In light of the pressures she was subjected to during the interrogations and in light of the fact that Fatemeh was a 16 year old school student, it is not clear how much her statements on committing the murder are actually true and if she only made those statements to relieve the pressures in the interrogations.

Fatemeh did not confess to murder in court. Nevertheless, the 5th branch of the Fars Penal Court sentenced her to death. Her death sentence has also been upheld by the Supreme Court and can be carried out at any moment.

The Shiraz Justice Department did not consider the fact that the guilty party is a minor and that it is sentencing her to death in violation of human rights international standards and Iran’s obligations to these standards. From a legal standpoint, Iran is a member of the International Civil and Political Rights Convention and the Children’s Rights Convention and therefore has to abide by the law which forbids executing children…

If this young girl murdered her husband while 16 year old like a cold blooded murderer, left his corpse in the house and then went to school like every other day, she has to be psychologically checked to make sure that she is mentally healthy. If it is determined that she has psychological problems, the murderer will not be executed due to her mental state.

It is very questionable that a one hour court session has sentenced to death a 16 year old girl. Why was there no attempt to go into the details of case? Why did the court not ask Fatemeh about the motives behind the murder of her husband? (Human Rights Activists in Iran, Weblog of Mohammad Mostafayi (Iranian lawyer) – Jan. 17, 2011)


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