Posted by: bahareiran | January 21, 2011

Death row Kurd political prisoner details torture and forced confessions in letter from prison

Parts of a letter of death row Kurd political prisoner Zaniar Moradi

My name is Zaniar Moradi, son of Eqbal Moradi, resident of Marivan, and born in 1988…

On August 2, 2009, I was arrested by the Marivan Intelligence Agency and after 24 hours of detention, I was transferred to the Sanandaj Intelligence Agency .

After one day, I was taken to the basement, where the interrogations started, with shackles and blindfolds. At first, they talked about my father and I told them that my father had nothing to do with me. They told me that I was no different than my father (who is a political activist). 

 They tied me to a bed and flogged my body and used very profane language to insult my family. After severe torture, I was taken back to my cell and I had become very weak. I did not know if it was day or night and after a short time, I was once again taken to the basement.

Four or six interrogators interrogated and tortured me while I had blindfolds and they said that I had murdered some people. But I did not accept the charges and they tortured me even more and said that I had to accept the charges else my family would have problems and I would die under torture. However, I still did not accept the charges…

(In the end) because I could not tolerate these kinds of torture, I accepted the charges. They did not bring any doctors to treat me and my friend and I are still suffering from the torture signs.

They wanted me to talk against my father and say that he was involved (in the killing of the son of the Marivan head of Friday Prayers). However, I did not talk against him.

My only crime is that my family is political. In this way, they want to attack all political families. They forced us into giving confessions under threats and brutal torture and I strongly deny all the charges. Political prisoner Zaniar Moradi (Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran – Jan. 16, 2011)



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