Posted by: bahareiran | January 6, 2011

14 executions in Tehran, Shirwan, Kermanshah and Zahedan

Criminal record of the clerical regime in only 5 days

NCRI, 6 janvier 2011 – The anti-human clerical regime started the New Year with a new wave of viciousness and brutality; hanging 14 prisoners in the first five days of 2011.

On Wednesday morning, January 6, a 32-year-old man was hanged in public in Tehran’s Saadat Abad area. A day before his execution, the man, who was accused of murder, received 74 lashes. (State-run news agencies, January 5)

On the same day, a prisoner was hanged in Shirwan Prison.

In Zahedan, southeast Iran, four prisoners were hanged on January 1 and another on January 3. Their alleged charges were declared to be “spreading corruption on earth” and Mohareb (enemy of God).

On January 3, seven prisoners were hanged in group in Kermanshah prison (western Iran).

Senior Iranian regime officials, including the criminal prosecutor in Kermanshah, have reiterated during recent days that “the judiciary will exercise no tolerance towardsanyone in carrying out legal verdicts.” (State-run ISNA news agency – January 3, 2011).

Setting up gallows in public and in prisons all over the country are done under direct orders of Ali Khamenei himself, showing the mullahs’ inability to confront the increasing wave of the Iranian people’s hatred and protests against this anti-human and anti-Iranian regime. Such crimes redouble the Iranian people’s determination to overthrow the clerical regime in its entirety.


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