Posted by: bahareiran | January 4, 2011

Iran hangs father of Ashraf resident and another political prisoner

Ali Saremi

Ali Saremi, a member of the Monafeqin grouplet (used by the regime to refer to the PMOI) and Ali Akbar Siadat, an espionage element of the Zionist regime were hanged at dawn today on charges of enmity with God in Evin Prison.

According to the Tehran Prosecutor’s website, Ali Saremi was charged with being a member of the Monafeqin Grouplet, enmity with God and propagating against the holy system of the Islamic Republic…

Ali Saremi was arrested in 2007 because of his constant activities, participating in a ceremony and anti-revolutionary movements in support of the Monafeqin, and sending news to this grouplet. CD’s, films, pictures of the Monafeqin and hand written notes of this grouplet were found in his home and were confiscated.

His trial was held with the presence of the representative of the prosecutor and his lawyer and the 15th branch of the Tehran Revolutionary Court sentenced him to death in line with article 47 of the Islamic Penal Code and articles 186, 190, and 191. His sentence was finalized in a court of appeal.

The other hanged man, was identified as Ali-Akbar Siadat who had started his communications with the Intelligence Agency of the Zionist regime on 2004…

He was arrested in 2008 when trying to leave the country with his wife… (IRNA state-run news agency – Dec. 28, 2010)


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