Posted by: bahareiran | December 28, 2010

Iran: Members of family of Ali Sarami’s and other political prisoners arrested by authorities

NCRI – Following the execution of Ali Sarami this morning, his family and number of other families of political prisoners gathered outside Tehran’s Evin prison to collect his corpse. The authorities refuse to respond to their enquiries and refer them to Kahrizak death camp in Karaj, west of Tehran. The suppressive forces brutally beat the families and arrested a number of them.

Some of those arrested include: Mahin, his wife; Pouya, his daughter; Mohtaram, his sister; Akram Sanjari, mother of political prisoner Misaq Yazdan-Nejad; and Mahboubeh and Hadi Mansouri, members of political prisoner Mohammad Ali Mansouri.

Ali Sarami, 63, was hanged at dawn on Tuesday, December 28, 2010 in Evin prison, after 24 years of incarceration and torture under the clerical and Shah’s rule. His son, Akbar Sarami, member of PMOI resides in Camp Ashraf, Iraq.

The regime’s prosecutor enumerated his charges as visiting Ashraf, distributing pictures of the leaders of the Resistance in Iran, recruiting and dispatching people to Ashraf, holding organizational meetings and sending films from those meetings to the Iranian National TV (Satellite TV network reflecting views of opposition among others).

Ali Sarami was very popular among Iranians due to his firmness and resistance against the clerical regime. An extensive campaign was launched to save his life by his son, Akbar, a PMOI member residing in Ashraf, after he was sentenced to death. 

The Iranian Resistance calls on the international community, particularly the UN Security Council, the European Union, Organization of Islamic Conference, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, UN rapporteurs and working groups on arbitrary detentions, torture and execution, and all international human rights organizations to condemn the execution of Ali Sarami and take urgent measures to get all political prisoners released especially the families of political prisoners arrested today.


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