Posted by: bahareiran | December 17, 2010

Iran: Youth clash with suppressive forces to free arrestees

Repressive forces receive set back in clashes

NCRI – During the day of Ashura(Day of mourning rituals for martyred Ashura Imam Hussein), Iranian regimes suppressive measures were met by youth and people on the streets; they used every opportunity to lash back at the suppressive forces or to free those who have been arrested. Some of these instances are as follow:

At 7 pm, in front of Mellat Park, a group of IRGC elements arrested three young women on the pretext of mal-veiling and forcibly put them in a van. People present at the scene attacked the IRGC elements with stones and sticks in such a way that they were forced to stop and free the three to save their lives.

Around noon, a kiosk belonging to the security forces in Qaitariyeh that identified and arrested the youth was attacked by angry people. Kiosk’s windows were broken and the fearful security forces run away to escape facing the courageous youth.

At the same time, in Enqelab Street, a member of Basij force who was terrorizing people together with a herd of other Basij motorbike riders crashed after people threw sticks at him.

At Imam Hossein Square, security forces severely beat up and arrested an old man who was giving water to the mourners. He had written on a piece of carton: “We do not have Sandis [a drink that the Iranian regime distributes to those who attend its meetings and demonstrations] here; we are supporters of Hossein and in the name of Imam Hossein we drink water.” People who were enraged by seeing this abhorring scene chanted anti-government slogans and attacked the security forces destroying two of their motorcycles.

An 80 year old man who had written on a tall flag “In the name of Hossein, uproot tyranny” was arrested by the security forces in Imam Hossein Square. People clashed with the security forces and chanted: “You security forces are servants of the leader; death to this Yazid-like [Yazid was the Caliph who martyred Imam Hossein] leadership”. Suppressive forces battered people with clubs and batons. Three were severely injured due to the blows they received.


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