Posted by: bahareiran | December 10, 2010

No news on detained Mourning Mothers and father of slain post-election protester

On Sunday, December 5, a ceremony was held for the birthday of Amir Arshad Tajmir (he was killed on December 27, 2010 in Ashura protests after a security force car intentionally ran over him) at his gravesite in Behesht Zahra Cemetery with the presence of a number of his friends, the families of those killed in the post-election protests and the Mourning Mothers.

In the end of the ceremony, security forces arrested and took away a minibus with 12 members of the families of slain protesters and mourning mothers and transferred the minibus to the Shahre Rey Intelligence Agency. After hours of interrogations, all but three people were released.

These detainees are Neda Mostaqimi, Hakimeh Shokri and Mehdi Ramezani Far, the father of slain post-election protester Ramin Ramezani Far. There is no information on the condition and whereabouts of these detainees. (Center in Defense of the Families of Those Slain and Detained – Dec. 10, 2010)


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