Posted by: bahareiran | December 10, 2010

Jailed female cleric goes on dry hunger strike in protest to appalling prison conditions

Jailed lawyer Nasrin Sutodeh announced in a call to her family that she has gone on a dry hunger strike in protest to her condition and that of other prisoners who are jailed with unjustified sentences and will continue until her rightful and legal demands are met. According to her husband Reza Khandan, the most important reasons she has gone on a dry hunger strike are as follows: – The persistence of her detention for 95 days despite having two small children and the fact that there is no reason for her continuing imprisonment when her trial ended nine days ago. – The empty promises of a number of security and judicial officials that she would be released. – The fact that her trial was faulty and the judge seeing to her case made biased statements and announced in practice that Nasrin Sutodeh was guilty before the end of the court session. – The disappearance of 12 letters and other documents presented by Sutodeh which is currently not in the legal files. – The threatening of lawyers in the court session. – The announcement that Sutodeh has been accused of heavier charges because of choosing lawyers that the court deems unacceptable or not trustable. – Being kept in cellblock 209 where she is subjected to pressure because of the intolerable conditions in solitary since her arrest 95 days ago. – Being prevented from seeing her small children in person. (Except for one instance in these 95 days when agents clashed with her family and were harassed.) – Being subjected to various limitations including being denied pen and paper. – Not being informed about her father’s death on time and being denied a leave to be present in his funeral. It is the legal right of all prisoners to be granted leaves in such cases. Nasrin Sutodeh has gone on hunger strike twice in protest to her condition in prison and previously went on a nine day dry hunger strike. Despite two trials, the judge seeing to her case extended her detention order again yesterday. Nasrin Sutodeh has been jailed in solitary since September 4, 2010. (Committee of Human Rights Reporters – Dec. 7, 2010)


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