Posted by: bahareiran | November 29, 2010

Iran arrests families of Ashraf residents on charges of having relatives in Ashraf

On Monday, November 15, at about 11 am, agents of the Ministry of Intelligence raided the store of Hamid Miboudi, 37, and arrested him in his store. These security forces introduced themselves tax department agents and told the crowds that had gathered on the scene that Miboudi was being arrested because he had not paid his taxes. These agents then took Miboudi to his home to conduct a search. They searched his home so violently that his 3 year old child developed a stutter from shock. His wife, who was also home, is 9 month pregnant and will give birth in a few more days.

When Miboudi’s wife told the agents that she was in her last days of pregnancy and demanded to know why they were arresting her husband, these agents said that ‘several pregnant women were dying in Iraq every day and you are no different from them’.

These agents then seized some of this family’s personal items such as family videos, computer, and laptop, identification documents including their passports, phone books and their satellite receiver.

On the same day at about 5 pm, agents raided the home of Allah Verdi Rouhi, 62, who is Miboudi’s father in law and arrested him. These agents then violently conducted a search. This family’s phonebook, computer, cellphone, identification documents, framed pictures of his children and his satellite receiver were seized by these agents. They then destroyed and broke his satellite dish.

Rouhi is suffering from critical physical ailments such as prostate and heart problems and was receiving treatment. He also nursed his sick wife who is confined to bed. 

The families of these two men have not been informed of the charges of their loved ones. They were reportedly only arrested because Mr. Rouhi’s children are in Camp Ashraf in Iraq.

There has been no information on their whereabouts and condition since their arrest.

The Rouhi family has gone to the Karaj Prosecutor, Revolutionary Court and Intelligence Agency several times but they have not been given any specific answers regarding their loved ones. This family is extremely concerned for the condition of its loved ones.

Four intelligence agents were involved in these raids. (Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran – Nov. 25, 2010)


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