Posted by: bahareiran | November 28, 2010

Massive Support of Ashraf

International Committee in Support of Ashraf Established in Britain’s House of Lords

Following the inhumane pressures and atrocities perpetrated by the Iranian regime, their agents and the Iraqi Committee for the Suppression of Ashraf in the Prime Minister’s Office against the resident of Camp Ashraf in Iraq, an International Committee in Defense of Ashraf was established in the House of Lords in the United Kingdom. Dozens of Peers took part in a parliamentary session on 23rd of November, presided by Lord Corbett of Castle Vale, Chair of the British Parliamentary Committee of Iran Freedom (BPCIF).


Adoption of a Written Declaration on Camp Ashraf at the European Parliament

25 November 2010

A Written Declaration on Camp Ashraf was adopted at the European Parliament which urged:

• The U.S. must reassume protection of Ashraf. This is essential in fulfilling commitment to international law and mutual agreement with the residents of Ashraf and to prove allegiance to moral values

• The U.S. terror label against the PMOI and unlawful transfer of Ashraf protection to Iraqi forces both constitute participation in suppression of Iranian opposition and obstructing the way for change in Iran


5,000 French mayors call for saving the lives of Ashraf residents

French mayors in solidarity with the Iranian Resistance

On November 24, a press conference was held at the Paris District 1 City Hall, where a statement by 5,000 mayors across France was delivered calling for an end to the siege on Ashraf, Iraq, recognizing the rights of its residents and urging immediate action to save the lives of patients whose condition has deteriorated due to the restrictions imposed by the Iraqi government and the Iranian regime’s proxies. Dozens of mayors attended the press conference.

The mayors urged the French government and particularly the new foreign minister to play a more active and serious role with regards to the humanitarian crisis and to call on the Iraqi government to comply with its international obligations on respecting the rights of Ashraf residents as well as lifting the imposed restrictions against them.


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