Posted by: bahareiran | November 19, 2010

Iran arrests former female political prisoner

According to reports, Mehri Javan Mahjoub, who was a former political prisoner in the 80’s and is the wife of political prisoner Abedi Ba Khoda was arrested yesterday and taken to the Lakan Prison in Rasht.

Mahjoub Doust, 52, was summoned to the 4th branch of the Revolutionary Court on Tuesday November 16 and was interrogated for a prolonged amount of time for having a computer and satellite receiver in her home and for describing her husband’s condition to the international media and human rights organizations.

A 50 million toman (50,000 dollar) bail order was then issued for her. She was only given 2 hours to provide the bail money and she said that she could not afford to pay this amount stressing that she had not committed any crime for which she would have to pay bail for.

Mahjoub Doust was kept in Police Station number 5 in Rasht until 7 pm and was subsequently transferred to the Lakan Prison in Rasht without being officially convicted. Before this, agents of the Ministry of Intelligence had raided her home and seized some of their personal belongings.

Mahjoub Doust is suffering from numerous physical ailments such as heart problems, arthritis and migraines. She was the caretaker of her husband, Abedi Bakhoda who was on a medical leave from prison to receive surgery and was hospitalized at home.

She was responsible for most of his nursing including giving him injections. Abedi Bakhoda was shot in the spinal cord in the 80’s when security forces were trying to arrest him and has become crippled. He is confined to a wheelchair and cannot move. Security forces have arbitrary and illegally arrested Mahjoub Doust to put more pressure on this family, especially her husband.


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