Posted by: bahareiran | November 16, 2010

France: Iran set ‘trap’ outside ambassador’s party

Associated Press, By ANGELA DOLAND – Iranian security forces allegedly arrested guests arriving at a party hosted by the French ambassador in Teheran and struck a diplomat in the face, a French official said Tuesday, in what is the latest sign of tension between the two countries.

French officials summoned Iran’s ambassador to Paris on Tuesday to lodge a complaint, the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity in line with department policy.

The incidents Sunday outside the French ambassador’s residence in Tehran were the latest signal of ongoing tensions between France and Iran, whose relations have been strained largely because of France’s tough stand on Iran’s nuclear program.

The official said Iranian officials had asked that the French notify them in advance about such events, and the embassy did so ahead of Sunday’s gathering celebrating traditional Persian music.

“The result was that (Iranian officials) took advantage of that to set a trap,” the French official said.

Plainclothes security forces, accompanied by police in uniform, were posted outside the ambassador’s residence, the official said. Only about a third of the 130 guests were allowed to enter the party. An unknown number of people were seen being taken away in trucks.

During the commotion, a French diplomat was hit in the face, the diplomat said.

A statement from the French Foreign Ministry complained of “unacceptable acts of violence.”


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