Posted by: bahareiran | November 16, 2010

15 protesters sentenced to prison for post-election protests

According to reports from Mashhad, 15 people were tried on charges of acting against national security and propagating against the government. Some of these people were arrested in 2009 and spent time in prison. They were sentenced to 3-16 years of prison. Their charges were having email communications with a number of people outside of the country. Three of them identified as Ali Ebadi, Mohammad Mirzayi and Mehdi Jalili are currently in prison and the rest are free on bail.

Notably, Ali Ebadi is a former political prisoner and has been detained in a solitary cell for more than a year.

Some of those sentenced are as follows:

Ali Ebadi, six years of prison

Mehdi Jalili, 16 years of prison

Hassan Oganji, 6 years of prison

Zohre Ebadi, wife of Hassan Oganji, three and a half years of prison

Javad Ebadi, 3 years of prison

Ahmad Mirzayi, six years of prison

Mohammad Ghobrayi, six years of prison

Salmas Parsi, three years of prison (Peik-e Iran – Nov. 15, 2010)


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