Posted by: bahareiran | November 7, 2010

Former political prisoner and mother of two sentenced to 3 years of prison

According to reports, Zahra Safayi, a former political prisoner in the 80’s was sentenced to the heavy sentence of three years of prison in a show trial by Judge Salavati.

This 45 year old homemaker has two small children. She was tried some time ago by Salavati in a case that was opened seven years ago by the Ministry of Intelligence. This case was reopened again after seven years and she was summoned to the 15th branch of the Revolutionary Court to be tried.

Safayi is the only guardian of her two small children. Her father, Haj Safayi was a well-known bazaar merchant in Tehran who was arrested and executed in the 80’s. Her nephew, political prisoner Hassan Tarlani is currently in prison after being arrested by agents of the Ministry of Intelligence on February 21, 2008. He was sentenced to 10 years of prison to be served in Kerman Prison. (Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran – Nov. 3, 2010)


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