Posted by: bahareiran | November 5, 2010

Female prisoner under pressure for befriending political prisoners

According to reports, Tehran Prosecutor Abbas Jafari Dolat Abadi and his deputy Reshteh Ahmadi have been putting pressure on and threatening normal female prisoners for having contacts with political prisoners. In the past few days, 27 year old Raheleh Zakayi, who is detained in Evin Prison was taken to Evin Court for having contacts with political female prisoners in this prison and was interrogated and threatened for several hours. She was threatened that fresh criminal records would be made against her.

A person by the name of Reshteh Ahmadi who introduced himself as the Tehran Prosecutor Deputy accused her of having contacts with the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran and propagating against the government. The Tehran Prosecutor also told Zakayi that she was a monafeqh (meaning hypocrite used by the regime to address PMOI members and supporters).

Zakayi has been interrogated three times, each time for several hours. She was arrested in 2002 by agents of the Intelligence Agency while she was a 19 year old mother of a one year old child along with her father and her maternal uncles. She was detained for six months in a solitary cell in the State Security Forces Intelligence Center in Mashhad where she was under mental and physical pressure and torture. Father was tortured in front of daughter and daughter in front of father so that they would confess to participating in an armed robbery.

She was banned from seeing her child and family in this time. She was trialed after 6 months of solitary cell by Judge Qarouni in the 19th branch of the Mashhad Court and was sentenced to 4 years of prison. She was then transferred to Vakil Abad Prison in Mashhad and was detained in the drug addicts’ cellblock, which is one of the most dangerous cellblocks in prison, instead of being sent to a cellblock for younger prisoners. Raheleh was treated violently in that cellblock and became an addict herself.

She was near the end of her prison term when she was tried again and sentenced to 8 years of prison. She was sent to the Sabzevar Prison after serving her four years of prison and was jailed there for one year. This young prisoner was then transferred to Evin Prison where she made contacts with political prisoners and quit narcotics with their help.

After her relationship with political prisoners increased she was sent to Khorin Prison in Varamin which resembles Kahrizak Detention Center because of its inhumane conditions and was transferred back to Evin after a year. Raheleh Zakayi continued her relationship with political prisoners in Evin Prison after she came back. She was separated from them and was isolated and sent to cellblock 3 in this prison.

Her child who was one years old when his/her mother was arrested is now 9 but is deprived of a birth certificate and identification documents and lives without a legal identity. He/she has problems in going to school but the judiciary prevents his/her legal problems from being solved. (Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran – Oct. 30, 2010)


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