Posted by: bahareiran | October 18, 2010

Iran arrests mother and sister of missing protestor

The mother and sister of Saied Zinali were arrested in their home. Saied Zinali was a political prisoner who went missing when arrested in the 1999 Tehran student uprising. He never came home after being arrested in June 1999 and wherever his family followed up his whereabouts, prison officials said they did not know anything about him. According to reports, the Intelligence Department of the Revolutionary Guards Corps was responsible for the arrest of this young man. After the post election events, Mother Zinali once again asked that the head of the RGC tell her what happened to her son.

The Zinali family went to prison every week asking about their missing son. They wanted to know what happed to Saied and if he is still alive. Security forces arrested Saied’s mother and sister after a raid to their home and confiscated their personal belonging including their computers.


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