Posted by: bahareiran | October 14, 2010

Iranian music Diva “Marzieh” died at the age of 86

Ashraf Alsadat Mortezayee, better known as Marzieh, died at noon on Wednesday in ‎Paris at the age of 86, following a long and arduous battle against cancer. For several ‎consecutive decades, Marzieh stood as the most prominent and popular Iranian ‎vocalist. She was also an arts advisor to the President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, ‎and a member of the National Council of Resistance of Iran. She was one of the long-‎lasting supporters of Ashraf residents.‎

Marzieh firmly stood up against the clerical regime and despite all cruelties ‎perpetrated against her and her relatives by the regime, she did not for a second ‎abandon the path she had chosen in fighting against the inhumane clerical regime. ‎

She was truely the symbol of protest and revolt by Iranian artists against the fascist ‎religious dictatorship and a star of Iranian ‎music, to the people of Iran, the Iranian artists’ community and freedom-seeking ‎people of Iran, particularly those in Camp Ashraf.

In her memorial some video’s of concerts of this brave woman. She will live in our heart for ever.


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