Posted by: bahareiran | October 10, 2010

Iran: Prisoner becomes paralyzed in both arms from excessive torture

torture method

Hamid Jahangir Vandian who is a resident of Tabriz has become paralyzed in both arms as a result of prolonged torture in the Tabriz Criminal Intelligence Department. A person close to him said that Jahangir Vandian was transferred to the Criminal Intelligence Department after being accused of robbery and was subjected to severe torture which led to his hands being paralyzed from the shoulder down. He was hanged with handcuffs for a few days by agents of the 3rd Team to Counter Robbery in the Tabriz Criminal Intelligence Department. These agents also hammered his fingers.

This Azeri citizen went to the doctor after leaving the Intelligence Department and was told that his hands had become paralyzed and would not go back to their original state. Jahangir Vandian then filed a complaint against the three agents identified by their last names as Shahi, Atayi and Aqarbayi and the case was sent to the fifth branch of the Tabriz Judiciary.

Agents of the Criminal Intelligence Department then transferred him back to this department after being informed of the suit and he is currently under pressure to take back his complaint. These agents told him that the judge seeing to this case was a former agent in the Tabriz Criminal Intelligence Department and was their friend and even if these agents killed him, no one would support him.


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