Posted by: bahareiran | October 10, 2010

A demonstration in Paris to save the hostages in Iran sentenced to death

Hundreds of people protested in Paris Saturday, October 9 in a rally on the Place de la Bastille where several persons gave a speech. They had come to denounce the death penalty in Iran, especially the penalty of eight political prisoners accused of relationship with the residents of Camp Ashraf in Iraq, members of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran. Jean-Pierre Becquet, mayor of Auvers-sur-Oise, Pierre Bercis president of New Human Rights, Renee Mignot co-chair of the MRAP-France, MP Jean-Pierre Brard, co-chair for the French parliamentary committee for a secular and democratic Iran, and the sister of a condemned to death joined the gathering. Jean-Pierre Brard has correctly noted that the mullahs perpetuate the horrible way of the Nazis taking hostages and execute them to break the resistance of the people, for these prisoners are nothing but hostages in the hands of a dictatorship that has made terrorism the axis of its foreign and domestic politics now. We noticed in this procession of the Paris, a large number of representatives of Muslim communities of Black and North Africa, many young people and Iranians, some of them living in France for over twenty years, others freshly arrived from Iran. The audience warmly welcomed Homeira Vazehan, younger sister Farah Vazehan, sentenced to death in Iran for taking pictures of the demonstrations of 27 December last year and her relationship with human rights activists. In halting French, however, with great determination, Homeira Vazehan recalled that when she herself was imprisoned for four years (she was condemned to 15 years prison for distributing leaflets in Iran), her older sister each day went to Evin prison to have news about her. Today, she believes, it is his turn to support it. To have experienced torture and harassment, she does not hide its deep concern about the unbearable situation of his sister. “I wake up every morning wondering if she is still alive,” she said to the moved crowd, “but I know she will resist”. “We need Western governments put in place sanctions against the dictatorship and an international court to judge those responsible for these crimes. This is the best guarantee to isolate this regime domestically and internationally, “she said.


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