Posted by: bahareiran | October 3, 2010

Iraqi forces attack Camp Ashraf recidents

They wounded 10 Ashraf residents with sticks, iron bars and rifle butts

On Friday afternoon, October 1, Iraqi forces on the orders of the committee within the Iraqi Prime Minister office responsible for suppression of Ashraf, set up a new post in a hostile move in the northern part of Ashraf with some 20 armed soldiers and have installed a bungalow for this purpose.

When a number of Ashraf residents peacefully approached the Iraqi forces to find out the reason for setting up the new post and occupation of part of the camp, they were attacked with iron bars, sticks, batons and rifle butts. Ten residents, who were beaten and injured, were taken to hospital.

The Iraqi forces were under the command of two Iraqi Army officers; Lieutenant-Colonel Nezar, and Lieutenant Heidar. Iraqi forces heavily damaged the residents’ vehicles and attempted, unsuccessfully, to take four residents hostage.

Iraqi forces also cut the fence north of Ashraf to provide support for their forces inside. During the attacks of July 28 and 29, 2009, the Iraqi forces used the same point to carry out their attack on Ashraf residents. Those residents who were beaten or wounded by the Iraqi forces in this incident intended to file a complaint with the local police authority but the police refused to accept them.


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