Posted by: bahareiran | September 30, 2010

Iran: Third victim targeted in fatal attacks on doctors

On Monday, state-run website Fararou reported that Dr. Parvaneh Moshtaq was attacked at her residence by an unidentified intruder wearing a ski mask and gloves. The assailant stabbed her five times before fleeing the scene. The doctor was taken to a hospital and is now undergoing surgery, her husband said.

The latest incident comes after two other doctors were mysteriously killed in Tehran. Last week, state-run news agencies reported the two doctors were found dead in the capital on two consecutive nights. One of the victims, identified as Dr. Soudbakhsh, was a specialist on infectious diseases and a member of the University of Tehran’s faculty of medicine. Dr. Soudbakhsh reportedly had information about the crimes the regime had committed in a notorious detention center known as “Kahrizak death camp.”  The doctor was shot as he was leaving his residence on Tuesday at 9 PM local time. The culprits reportedly left the scene on a motorbike and the victim died before reaching the hospital.

A day later, a heart specialist, Dr. Gholamreza Sorabi, was shot in the abdomen and chest areas while leaving his office. He died in hospital shortly thereafter on Friday.


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