Posted by: bahareiran | September 16, 2010

France Libertes highlights Ashraf residents’ rights at UN session

A representative of France Libertes has spoken at the Human Rights Council session in Geneva against rights violations of the residents of Camp Ashraf, where Iranian dissidents reside in Iraq:

Ms. High Commissioner, you correctly made an emphasis about respect for human rights especially with respect to providing to protection to vulnerable individuals facing danger as an urgent situation. I would like to thank you for your emphasis and share with you the situation of Camp Ashraf in Iraq. This is an issue that Ms. Mitterrand talked about last year at the session. The residents of the camp have lived there for the past 20 years and are legally recognized as protected persons under the Fourth Geneva Convention. The United States government must assume the responsibility to protect them until the crisis has effectively ended in Iraq.

Ms. High Commissioner, I must reiterate that last October you warned the Iraqi government against any aggression against these inhabitants. But, sadly, the situation has not changed much since then. The silence of the international community has made circumstances much worst.

In the end, I remind you that the UN must provide them protection under the Fourth Geneva Convention. It must post an independent monitoring team at the camp along with the Commissioner’s representatives to report in detail about the camp’s developments and rights violations there. It should also ask the UN Security Council to include their protection as part of UNAMI’s mandate in Iraq. We are also asking the US government to enact measures immediately for the residents’ protection in accordance with Article 45 of the Fourth Geneva Convention. And, lastly, we ask the Iraqi government to protect the residents of Ashraf on the basis of international human rights laws.


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