Posted by: bahareiran | August 31, 2010

Iran – Minister of Science: “Universities that oppose the regime must be demolished”

The Iranian regime’s Minister of Science has threatened that universities which oppose the regime and its paramilitary Bassij forces must be destroyed. According to the Mehr news agency on Sunday, Kamran Daneshjou added that the role of universities is to “train cadres for the establishment.” “Daneshjou said universities that ridicule the culture of the regime’s suppressive paramilitary Bassij Force, those which reject the regime’s religious claims, or campuses where clerics do not dare to enter would be better off not existing at all. “The Iranian people, students, employees and instructors will demolish such a university.” Several weeks ago, Daneshjou remarked that being committed to the principle of absolute clerical rule should be a pre-condition for hiring professors. Addressing “Bassiji professors” of Hamedan University, he had said, “We want to hire professors that believe in the principle of absolute clerical rule.” In February, Daneshjou had warned students and professors not in line with the Iranian regime’s policies will be expelled. Recently, Ahmadinejad’s deputy for Management and Human Capital Development, Lotfollah Forouzandeh, had said that review committees should be formed to identify those who “cause instability” in campuses. A large number of professors have been expelled or forced to resign in recent months. The pace of changing the landscape of Iran’s campuses increased rapidly during the post-June 2009 nationwide uprising which rattled the regime.


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