Posted by: bahareiran | August 29, 2010

Brother of slain student says he did not commit suicide

The brother of Mohammad-Javad Parandakh broke his silence after one year on the eve of the anniversary of his brother’s death and announced that Mohammad-Javad did not commit suicide and that his family’s suit against agents of the Ministry of Intelligence and the judge presiding over his case has so far been without result.

Mohammad-Javad Parandakh was a chemical engineering student at the Isfahan Industrial University who was summoned to the Isfahan Intelligence Agency after students in this university protested election results. His body was found two days after he went to the Intelligence Agency. (Rooz Online Website – Aug. 24, 2010)

According to reports, the intelligence agency has made threatening phone calls to the mother of Mohammad-Javad Parandakh, a slain student of Isfahan University, not to give any interviews with the media over his death.

The Parandakh family has been threatened several times not to hold a ceremony for this slain student and not to follow up his obscure case. Many political sources believe that the death of this student who was tortured and abused in detention is linked to the elimination of witnesses of torture and rape in prison. (Jaras Website – Aug. 24, 2010)


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