Posted by: bahareiran | August 24, 2010

Arrest of another Christian in Iran

 Hamed Pishkar, a Christian living in the town of Rasht, was arrested on August 16 in his home for holding a session to answer questions (on Christianity) and carrying out religious rites.

Security forces initially conducted a search in his home and then took this Christian citizen to an unknown location.

In the past few months, there has been increased pressure on Christians in Rasht. Davoud Nejat Sabet and Shahin Taqi Zadeh who were both caretakers of the Church of Iran in Rasht were sentenced to one year of suspended sentence which can be carried out within five years.

Yusef Nodrkhani, another Christian has been jailed in the Lakan Prison in Rasht since last September waiting for his sentence to be issued. (Committee of Human Rights Reporters – Aug. 21, 2010)


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