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Endless cruel torture…

Details of barbaric torture of social activist
Physical torture is a human rights violation that has been carried out against political prisoners from a very long time ago and because the media is focused on Tehran’s prisons, this inhumane treatment is being carried out much more violently in other towns especially in Kurdistan. The report below is an example of this brutal treatment of a Kurd prisoner named Ahmad Bob.
Ahmad Bob, is a social activist from Marivan who was jailed for 195 days in prison and was under severe physical and mental torture.
He was arrested on September 27, 2009 after agents of the Ministry of Intelligence broke down his home door and took him away with blindfolds without an arrest warrant. He was taken to a solitary cell in the Marivan Intelligence Agency. On the first night of his detainment he was interrogated and tortured without being formally charged…
In the first hours of detention, he had to confess that he was in contact with anti-revolutionary groups and had disrupted public order by bringing together people against the Islamic Republic. Since he was a civil rights and social activist, he did not accept any of the charges and did not give into confessing to lies and for this reason was tortured physically and mentally much more severely.
He was beaten with a military belt, kicked and punched by three people while shackled and blindfolded. His hands were then opened and while two people held his hands, another person opened his mouth and pulled out three of his front bottom teeth with pliers. 
This was done by first loosening the teeth with pliers and then pulling it out and was continued until Bob passed out. Broken teeth, teeth that were pulled out, bloody clothes, inability to speak, gum inflammation, a bruised skull as a result of baton strikes and bruised eyes were the conclusion of Ahmad Bob’s first day of detention…
Batons, logs, military belts, pliers and vulgar and insulting language were the tools used to torture him. He was usually interrogated and tortured from sunset until sunrise to force him to make false confessions. In the first 33 days of his detention, he was not given any kind of medical treatment.
He was forced to sit on his knees and then stand up 1000 times and when he did this 100 times, he would be forced to do it all over again because he had missed a number. They beat him so much with a military belt that he was unable to stand on his feet.
He would also be forced to stand up for a long period of time which would sometimes continue for 10 hours. He was threatened at gun point and was asked to choose which of his fingers he would prefer to be blown off first.
They would keep him in a standing position and would then drop the pliers from over his head on his toes and blood gushed out on his toenails with every strike. They insisted he confess that he spied for America in these tortures.
They also threatened him with rape saying that raping infidels was lawful. He would be forced to sit on a lit gas stove but was severely beaten for resisting.
Ahmad Bob spent 33 days of his incarceration in a solitary cell in Marivan where he was under severe torture. He was kept in a cell which was the size of a soldier’s army blanket and was allowed to use the restroom three times a day which was also the only time he had access to drinking water.
His interrogations usually started at noon or in the afternoon and continued until the next morning and he was denied food in this time. He also was not given anything to wash himself with in these 33 days and was also deprived of bathing facilities. He was sometimes forced to crawl to the bathroom because of his severe weakened state. After 33 days, he was allowed to bathe but because of his physical condition and weakness he was only able to wash his hair with the help of a soldier.
After being transferred to Sanandaj Prison, he was kept in the quarantine section for 14 days where he was treated because he was suffering from skin diseases, gum infection and hemorrhage. He was then transferred to a solitary cell in the Sanandaj Intelligence Prison where he was interrogated and once again tortured.
He was tortured for refusing to make false confessions on television. He was laid on a bed and his hands were handcuffed to the bed along with his legs and toes. Then they started to whip the bottom of his feet while reciting the Quran.
He passed out a number of times under the strikes but was revived with water and the lashing continued. He could not control his urine in this time and vomited and was forced to wash the dirty blanket on the torture bed in his cell. According to his interrogators he was whipped 320 times.
The sounds that were played for him for three consecutive days via a headphone abused and tormented him. After four months and 20 days they told him to write his will because he was to be hanged.
He was taken to a room that same day which according to his interrogator was used for execution. He was forced to stand on a chair with wheels under a noose and forced to pull the noose around his neck. He was then handcuffed and shackled. This political prisoner was interrogated in this position and pressured into making false confessions.
After an hour, he was brought out from the noose. According to Bod at that time his whole body was wet and he was unable to stand up and fell to the ground like a corpse. 
In one of the interrogations, his interrogator put out his cigarette on his elbow and told him that it was a memento to remember him by. 
Interrogators of the Intelligence Agency took him by the tongue with pliers and pulled him around the room which rendered him unable to speak for four days. He was forced to make animal noises while moving on the ground on his hands and feet in the interrogation room. When he refused to do this, he was severely beaten again. They drilled holes in both soles of his feet and the signs of this barbaric torture are still evident on his feet. Being hanged from his legs was another form of torture carried out on Ahmad Bob.
In the five months of his incarceration, he was only allowed to call his family once. He was told to tell his family to come to visit him in prison. This is while his family was not allowed to visit him when they came to prison and instead his pregnant wife was interrogated for five hours. After 155 days, he was taken to the Marivan Public Prison. In this time, he did not have access to a lawyer.
He cannot easily walk because of the torture and the nerves on the bottom of his feet have been severely damaged. After 165 days of incarceration along with torture, he was released from prison on a 700 million rial (about 70,000 dollar) bail. His case is currently open in the first branch of the Marivan Revolutionary Court headed by Judge Lotfi. Until now, one trial was held for him with the presence of his lawyer, Khalil Bahramian, and the next trial is to be held on August 21.
According to Ahmad Bob, he has been charged with being a member of an anti-revolutionary group and spying for America. (Committee of Human Rights Reporters – Aug. 2, 2010)


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