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Rudy Giuliani: “Change” under Rohani is a mirage

FoxNews, 8 May 2014

The nuclear negotiation between Iran and the West is among the most important foreign policy issues facing the Obama Administration. In the U.S. government’s own assessment, Iran is the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism.

The regime actively sows instability abroad and suppresses the rights and freedoms that its people desire and deserve. For these reasons, it is essential that Iran’s development of a nuclear weapon be stopped dead in its tracks.

This requires a halt to all nuclear development, not just the limited, short-term suspension that has been put in place during the talks. Iran must also provide unfettered access to all sites that are engaged in nuclear development.

However, the nuclear talks, and the prospects for a comprehensive U.S. policy towards Iran, are headed for failure due to the Obama administration’s strategic miscalculations.

An illustrative, but little-publicized aspect of Obama’s misguided policy is his approach toward the Iranian dissident group, Mujahedin-Khalq (MEK).
The MEK is the most organized Iranian opposition movement and the one the ayatollahs most fear.

The MEK and its allies in the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), led by the charismatic Maryam Rajavi, offer a different vision for Iran which we should embrace: secular, democratic and non-nuclear.

Multiple reports suggest that the MEK has provided intelligence to the international community on Iran’s nuclear program. It is true that decades ago, the MEK was implicated in some violent activity, but they are and always have been an enemy of a theocratic Iranian state.

And the MEK renounced violence more than thirteen years ago and laid down its weapons.

They did so partially in reliance on a promise from the United States to protect them from attack by the mullahs and their henchmen.

Currently, some 3,000 MEK members are confined to a prison in Iraq euphemistically called “Camp Liberty.” Unconscionably, we have breached our obligation to protect them, and consequently, they are sitting ducks for the mullahs.

The dissidents, at the behest of Tehran, have been attacked by Nouri al-Maliki’s forces on seven occasions since 2009. At least 116 residents have been killed, over 1300 have been injured, and seven, including six women, have been taken hostage.

The US government entered into a legal obligation to protect each of these people; it also has the moral obligation to do so. It has utterly failed in these duties and proximately caused the death of these allies of freedom. Our government must immediately airlift all the MEK dissidents out of Iraq.

Maybe the Iranian government believes that by positioning its latest figurehead, Hassan Rouhani, as a “moderate” it will convince the United States and its allies to look away from the slaughter of MEK dissidents and disregard Iran’s support of the massacre in Syria as well as its egregious human rights abuses at home.

I fear their assessment may be right. Our government has too often been willing to make dangerous concessions in order to reach a deal with Iran. This is not only naïve, but it is a strategic mistake and an abandonment of our humanitarian obligation towards those people we promised to protect.

It is clear that Rouhani is no moderate. He has been an active part of the theocracy for a long time. He was Iran’s nuclear negotiator with the EU from 2003 to 2005 and later bragged about duping the West in the negotiations.

Even a U.N. human rights body announced recently that its hope of a moderate Rouhani regime had been dashed by the dramatic rise in executions in Iran. The shipment of missiles to Hamas, thankfully intercepted by Israel, and Iran’s continued support for the murder of innocent Syrians, are further proof that “change” under Rouhani is a mirage.

As long as the present Iranian government is in power, Iran must remain outside the community of nations. America and its allies must do everything possible to deter the mullahs’ ambitions to develop a nuclear bomb and impose its hegemony in the region.

The people of Iran deserve a better government, one that adheres to human rights, democracy and decency at home and abroad and that is capable of bringing about real change.
Joining forces with the MEK and all other democracy-starved Iranians would be the best place to start.

Rudy Giuliani is the former Mayor of the City of New York.

they hate us

An Iranian prisoner facing imminent execution has released her will in a voice message from prison. In a heart-rending message to her family – beginning with her mother Sholeh – 26-year-old Rayhaneh Jabbari tells how she trusted the law, but is now facing death for the crime of defending herself against an agent of Iranian regime’s intelligence who tried to assault her.

The clerical regime has ignored international calls and human rights activists calls in Iran to spare her life.

The will reads:

Dear Sholeh, today I learned that it is now my turn to face Qisas (the Iranian regime’s  law of retribution). I am hurt as to why you did not let me know yourself that I have reached the last page of the book of my life. Don’t you think that I should know? You know how ashamed I am that you are sad. Why did you not take the chance for me to kiss your hand and that of dad?

The world allowed me to live for 19 years. That ominous night it was I that should have been killed. My body would have been thrown in some corner of the city, and after a few days, the police would have taken you to the coroner’s office to identify my body and there you would also learn that I had been raped as well. The murderer would have never been found since we don’t have their wealth and their power. Then you would have continued your life suffering and ashamed, and a few years later you would have died of this suffering and that would have been that.

However, with that cursed blow the story changed. My body was not thrown aside, but into the grave of Evin Prison and its solitary wards, and now the grave-like prison of Shahr-e Ray. But give in to the fate and don’t complain. You know better that death is not the end of life.

You taught me that one comes to this world to gain an experience and learn a lesson and with each birth a responsibility is put on one’s shoulder. I learned that sometimes one has to fight. I do remember when you told me that the carriage man protested the man who was flogging me, but the flogger hit the lash on his head and face that ultimately led to his death. You told me that for creating a value one should persevere even if one dies.

You taught us that as we go to school one should be a lady in face of the quarrels and complaints. Do you remember how much you underlined the way we behave? Your experience was incorrect. When this incident happened, my teachings did not help me. Being presented in court made me appear as a cold-blooded murderer and a ruthless criminal. I shed no tears. I did not beg. I did not cry my head off since I trusted the law.

But I was charged with being indifferent in face of a crime. You see, I didn’t even kill the mosquitoes and I threw away the cockroaches by taking them by their antennas. Now I have become a premeditated murderer. My treatment of the animals was interpreted as being inclined to be a boy and the judge didn’t even trouble himself to look at the fact that at the time of the incident I had long and polished nails.

How optimistic was he who expected justice from the judges! He never questioned the fact that my hands are not coarse like those of a sportswoman, especially a boxer. And this country that you planted its love in me never wanted me and no one supported me when under the blows of the interrogator I was crying out and I was hearing the most vulgar terms. When I shed the last sign of beauty from myself by shaving my hair I was rewarded: 11 days in solitary.

Dear Sholeh, don’t cry for what you are hearing. On the first day that in the police office an old unmarried agent hurt me for my nails I understood that beauty is not looked for in this era. The beauty of looks, beauty of thoughts and wishes, a beautiful handwriting, beauty of the eyes and vision, and even beauty of a nice voice.
My dear mother, my ideology has changed and you are not responsible for it. My words are unending and I gave it all to someone so that when I am executed without your presence and knowledge, it would be given to you. I left you much handwritten material as my heritage.

However, before my death I want something from you, that you have to provide for me with all your might and in any way that you can. In fact this is the only thing I want from this world, this country and you. I know you need time for this. Therefore, I am telling you part of my will sooner. Please don’t cry and listen. I want you to go to the court and tell them my request. I cannot write such a letter from inside the prison that would be approved by the head of prison; so once again you have to suffer because of me. It is the only thing that if even you beg for it I would not become upset although I have told you many times not to beg to save me from being executed.

My kind mother, dear Sholeh, the one more dear to me than my life, I don’t want to rot under the soil. I don’t want my eye or my young heart to turn into dust. Beg so that it is arranged that as soon as I am hanged my heart, kidney, eye, bones and anything that can be transplanted be taken away from my body and given to someone who needs them as a gift. I don’t want the recipient know my name, buy me a bouquet, or even pray for me. I am telling you from the bottom of my heart that I don’t want to have a grave for you to come and mourn there and suffer. I don’t want you to wear black clothing for me. Do your best to forget my difficult days. Give me to the wind to take away.

The world did not love us. It did not want my fate. And now I am giving in to it and embrace the death. Because in the court of God I will charge the inspectors, I will charge inspector Shamlou, I will charge judge, and the judges of country’s Supreme Court that beat me up when I was awake and did not refrain from harassing me. In the court of the creator I will charge Dr. Farvandi, I will charge Qassem Shabani and all those that out of ignorance or with their lies wronged me and trampled on my rights and didn’t pay heed to the fact that sometimes what appears as reality is different from it.

Dear soft-hearted Sholeh, in the other world it is you and me who are the accusers and others who are the accused. Let’s see what God wants. I wanted to embrace you until I die. I love you.

April 1, 2014

Abducted girls protest in Jos Nigeria Kidnapped Girls

Religious leaders, clerics and Islamic societies should condemn this anti-Islamic and anti-human act

NCRI, 9 May 2014 – Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, condemned the anti-human and anti-Islamic kidnapping and sale of over 200 Nigerian high school girls expressing her sympathy to the families of these innocent girls and once again called on the international community for their rescue and the adoption of a firm and comprehensive stance against this medieval savagery.

She called on all religious leaders, clerics and the range of Islamic societies to condemn this anti-Islamic act and not to allow the fundamentalists who use religion as a barter tool to abuse the name of Islam to commit such atrocious crimes that are some of the most barefaced cases of crime against humanity.

This was the news:

Associated Press | April 30, 2014 |

Unidentified mothers call for the president to help, during a demonstration with others who have daughters among the kidnapped school girls of government secondary school Chibok, Tuesday April 29, 2014, in Abuja, Nigeria

Nigeria Kidnapped Girls

AP Photo / Gbemiga OlamikanUnidentified mothers call for the president to help, during a demonstration with others who have daughters among the kidnapped school girls of government secondary school Chibok, Tuesday April 29, 2014, in Abuja, Nigeria.

LAGOS, Nigeria — Scores of girls and young women kidnapped from a school in Nigeria are being forced to marry their Islamic extremist abductors, a civic organization reported Wednesday.

At the same time, the Boko Haram terrorist network is negotiating over the students’ fate and is demanding an unspecified ransom for their release, a Borno state community leader told The Associated Press.

He said the Wednesday night message from the abductors also claimed that two of the girls have died from snake bites.

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Iran: Guards attack inmates in Gezel Hessar prison


NCRI, 21 april 2014 – Hundreds of guards at Gezel Hesar Prison in the Iranian city of Karaj raided on Sunday a section of prison where inmates have been preventing the transfer one of their cellmate to solitary confinement to await his execution.

Some 350 prison guards attacked prisoner at the Hall 3 of Section 2 of Gezel Hessar prison where Rasoul Talebi, 20, is being held.

Prior to the raid at least one prisoner has been severely injured by the guards who had surrounded the hall.

On Thursday, a large group of members of IRGC and agents of MOIS, joined by special forces, raided Ward 350 of Tehran’s Evin prison using inspections as an excuse. They barbarically battered, insulted and humiliated the political prisoners.

A number of prisoners were severely injured, including Gholamreza Khossravi-Savadjani, Assadollah Hadi, Javad Fouladvand, Assadollah Assadi, Omid Behrouzi, Esmaeil Barzegarei and Emad Bahavar.


edam 5 nafar

As international protests against the rising trend of group and arbitrary executions in Iran become stronger every day, Hassan Rouhani, the clerical regime’s president, describes the anti-human and anti-Islamic executions in Iran as “God’s commandments” or “laws of the people”.

In fear of the rage and abhorrence of the Iranian people regarding these anti-human verdicts, Hassan Rouhani approves the executions but he says that the victims not to be mistreated at the time of their execution.

Speaking to commanders of the Iranian regime’s State Security Forces on Saturday, he said: “when someone is condemned to death and he comes to the gallows according to the law, then we have no right to insult him as he is being taken to the gallows… in any case, the law has condemned him and he is punished and this has nothing to do with us. It is either the commandment of God or a law approved by the parliament that belongs to the people and we only execute it (Tasnim news agency, affiliated with the Qods Force – April 19).

Ramarks by Hassan Rouhani comes at the time that the number of executions since he taken office President has surpassed 700 and according to the report by four UN Special Rapporteurs, the number of prisoners executed in just two and a half months since the beginning of 2014 has reached 176.

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A prisoner was killed in solitary confinement


Kurd prisoner Ali Ilami, 32, lost his life on April 5. He was reportedly injured by a sharp object in his chest and side. Despite the injury and its bleeding, he was left to die without being transferred to the clinic or receiving any aid.

Ali Ilami was killed while he was in solitary confinement and all prisoners transferred there are not even allowed to take their personal belongings. (Kurdpa News Agency- Apr. 8, 2014)

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Larijani defends crual stoning and execution


The head of Judiciary’s Human Rights Headquarters Mohammad Javad Larijani said, “We, in the judiciary system should be aware of criticizes by others and we should know what the enemy is sensitive on. If the west is honored of adultery, we should firmly and seriously defend the stoning sentence.” Larijani explained, “For instance, in Sakineh Ashtiani’s case, they propagated against the system. In this case we did not have even one single wrongdoer judge; even the judge of the case was a sincere person.”

“The problem is that the west does not understand that Qesas (retaliation) is different than execution. We are not shy of ‘stoning’ or any other Islamic rule. Thus nobody has the right to ask the judge to keep distance from some sentences because the UN will get sad.” Larijani added. (Fars state- run News Agency- Apr. 9, 2014)

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Iraqi TV: Health of Camp Liberty hunger strikers deteriorating


NCRI – 18 October 2013 – According to a report by the Iraqi Al-Rafeddin TV channel more than two dozen of the hunger strikers have been transferred to hospital due to their critical conditions.
Despite alarming physical condition and suffering from dizziness, headaches , digestive problems , bone pain, blurred vision and sleep the protesters have said they will continue their protest.
Al-Rafeddin TV reported that their highest priority demand is to have seven Camp Ashraf hostages released.
The hunger strike began on September 1 following the massacre at Camp Ashraf during which 52 members of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) were executed.
Among the hunger strikers there are many members of families of the hostages and victims of the September 1 massacre.
Simultaneous with the hunger strike in Camp Liberty similar protests are held in Berlin, Geneva, Ottawa and Melbourne. Protesters also demand an independent investigation into the massacre at Camp Ashraf.


Iranians watch hanging

ABC NEWS, 18 October 2013 – An Iranian man who survived being hanged for 12 minutes is reportedly recovering in hospital after he was discovered still breathing in a mortuary.

But the ordeal of the man being called “Alireza M” is far from over after a judge declared that, once he is well, the 37-year-old father of two should face execution all over again.

Until last Wednesday, Alizera was just one of hundreds of people who are hanged in Iran each year for drug offences.

His sentence was carried out on October the 9th – unsuccessfully.

They hung him by his neck for 12 minutes until they pronounced him dead.

“When his family came to collect the body the next day in the morgue, they actually found that Alireza was alive and that he had in fact survived this horrific ordeal,” said Michael Hayworth of Amnesty International Australia.

The group has launched a global campaign to raise awareness of Alireza’s case and others like him who are not so lucky.

Iran’s in one of the top-five executors worldwide, killing about 508 people so far this year, 221 of whom have not yet been confirmed by state news media or the state themselves.

At least 125 of them have been executed since the country’s new president Hassan Rouhani took office.

The vast majority of people sentenced to death in Iran are convicted of drug crimes.

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Wave of protests in Iran


NCRI, 7 October 2013: Residents from Tehran’s Hashtgerd district gathered in protest at poor housing and accommodation conditions. One protester said: “They force people to purchase the poorly-built houses, while other buildings in the district are also falling into a state of dilapidation.”

October 9: Employees of a power research center protested against the cancellation of their transportation service and demanded urgent action to restore it. Security forces then used force to disperse the protesters, arresting three workers and transferring them to an unknown location.

October 12: People in the city of Arak defied the presence of security forces to stage their 17th protest on Saturday at the failure of the authorities to tackle the problem of air pollution. The city of Arak so far this year had 83 days of polluted air – 74 per cent higher than last year.

October 13: Hundreds of people in the city of Bandar Abbas protested outside the main state-run Television Network in objection to its silence over the separation of Parsian City from this province. Protesters demanded the television channel broadcast their protest. They also chanted slogans in anger at the separation plan and demanded a local resident be chosen as the province’s governor.

This is the fourth protest of the people of Bandar Abbas. So far more than 100 protesters have been arrested by the security forces.

More than 200 farmers from around the cities of Lenjan and Zarin Shahr in Isfahan chanted anti-government slogans outside the Hygiene Bureau at damage caused by government officials to their lands and crops.

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